A new one

just to finish up the paints laying in the palette…in a few words it look like a landscape, which for me is unusual

410-02 Modèle inconnue rouge et boisé acrylique 20x28(50x70) 2011-07-31

but somehow I felt that something was or is missing…


Yes, finally finished….

that acrylic painting, I’d been working on for the last few days, not perfect….but for me, I would say it’s rather decent, acrylic for me is a more difficult medium, but I think I do start knowing a bit more how to work with it…well enough talking or writing should I say,write…:))

the picture…

395-15 Christy Turlington Acrylique 28x20(70x50) 2011-07-31

wow twice in two days…

I’m on a good streak of ….2, will see twomorrow….

Tonight is Gisele Bunchen, in a painting, mixed medium, a bit of everything, paper, watercolor, ink, beer (in the painter, not on the canvas…) and acrylics, which is not my main thing, oil is, but sometimes, it’s good to switch….

so the latest version

407-15 Tech. Mixtes Gisele Bundchen 2011-07-24


If you want to see the previous versions they are on flickr…the link


Summer = lazy…

Yes a certain lasyness these days, not much painting done, but at least a new version of the one showed a few days ago…more to come, yes I know sounds like those policiticians promises, but I will keep mine….

392-18 Huile sur fond acrylique 18x24(45x61) Nicole Breitenbach 2011-07-23

It’s late….

so it will be brief, a new one, or should I say,  a new one on this blog but it is in ‘en cours’ soo it’s not new, but a new version, sorry if I’m not that clear…that’s the way it is …hah hah..with a disco beat…no I wasn’t listening to disco…never did, except forced but ok I should put in the photo and stop the blabla…:))

392-17 the rest later...

Yes a new one tonight…

Almost signed the previous one, in a few days or weeks, for the time being, the painting will go on a tour…of my workshop..

So tonight, a new one, not new, one that was going for awhile too, but tonight I think this painting is finished, at least I signed it…picture of course

391-16 Lilai Hartai 22x28(55x70) Huile sur fond acrylique 2011-07-18

Week-end is gone

Already, and not much painting done, except for a few hours on the same red girl, kind of spacy girl, now it is very very close to be finished, I will have to look with fresh eyes tomorrow I guess, in the meantime, a photo…soon yes I will move to others paintings that are waiting….

389-32 Babs de Jong 20x28(50x70) 2011-07-17

More of the same…

Yeap, decided to keep painting this model, mix of spacegirl, and top model fashionnably dressed in red…I guess the best thing is to post another picture, I did not sign it yet…signing a painting late at night, often result in repainting over it the next few days..so I will wait a little bit…

389-31 Babs de Jong aka spacegirl ou spacemodel... huile sur acryl 20x28(50x70) 2011-07-13