Ah to be off work on vacation…

Good thing update wise… have the time, if only I did not have to work, I could update twice a day…but it is not the case, so, in the meantime, reworked a painting, what a surprise…an unknown model, she seems to have a not very good day, maybe it just the way it looks now, will see at the end…a bit of suspense….

The picture…you probably don’t come here for my writing…:)

410-09 Inconnue pensive et parc, acrylique 20x28(50x70) 2011-08-29

You could also go to http://www.jmr-art.com/blog.html for a different version of this story, the picture is the same of course, or to http://www.jmr-art.com/410.html to see a slideshow of the previous stages of this painting….my marketing director suggested to me that I should mention my other site to attract people…what a silly idea, but I will listen to him…:)


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