This is the end…

no don’t worry, not the end of the world, and I won’t try to sing this Jim Morrison song….no just the end of this painting, the one that four days ago I was writing…just a few minor changes, don’t think they were that big either, just that it went a way, than another, then backtrack and went forward again, finally it is almost to the same point…so what was the point of this, I don’t know..but it is there and it will stay the way it is…:)

So, now you probably telling yourself, this would be a good time to shut up and show the picture…:))

410-14 Inconnue pensive et parc acrylique 20x28(50x70) 2011-09-09

Of course, you can also click on the link, yaw that funny little thing with a different color and go to my site, what is there? many things….

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