For a change…

A painting about a model, no this not anything new, but no boots….this almost an oddity in one of my paintings, sometimes I trow one like this..take people off gards…:) so there’s the picture, I used photoshop to prepare the composition, I like working with this software to try different views ans arrangements..The model name is Nicole Breitenbach, a beaufitul woman..I guess sometimes I will have to paint her face, not sure it will be in this painting, kind of like the fussyness of this one now…

392-19 Huile sur fond acrylique 18x24(45x61) Nicole Breitenbach 2011-09-13

As usual I put up a slideshow on my own site…please do visit if you feel like it…I hope you do…:))

Yes it did started as a city scene, but for some reasons it went another way…



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