The one from last night, actually

the night before last night…confused? I am…anyway, dont know, working, painting and posting kind of make me realise that days are too short, would need 30 or 36 hours, so this is the one on monday night, worked on another tonight, so I bank it…:)

A painting that some of you probably have seen before, a girl, well dress, tailor suit, boots.. of course…:), walking into a coffee shop, actually a bar in Vienna, I was there…not the girl, but the door, me and the bartender, a good friend decided to take a picture of the door, I guess we were a bit drunk…:)), but for the painting thanks to photoshop, there’s this beautiful woman walking in…

Enough writing, time for the pic…

380-34 Valérie chez Raimund 20x28(50x70) 2011-09-19

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