Just for this time..and only this time…

I’m updating this page, and the french one on wp before my own site, which is a bit more tedious to maintain and it’s late, very late here in Montreal, oops now you now where I live….but there is a few Montreal, so it is one of them…:)

Back to painting…Sophie Marceau, It is progressing, say like to the speed that the north american plate, geogolicly speaking is moving toward…well not sure, the destination wasn’t provided on my ticket…so it is progressing but slowly…

Sophie Marceau Huile 24x30(61x76) 2011-10-31


and another, unknown model like the soldier, but she’s alive and wearing boots, beautiful boots, photo from a pub on ‘Légende de paris’ seems they make boots, good for them…and me provide me with a subject to paint…

Modèle et bottes... 30x20(92x61) huile sur acryl 2011-11-01

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