A Pastel…a bit more of it…

Kept working on last night paste…this drawing, or painting, well pastel is getting me confused, a bit of both for me, well not so important let’s say it is pastel, I like the luminosity and softness of pastels colors, in the same time their boldness and strikes, and for once instead of having my hand full of thumbs…do you have this saying in english? I do have them full of pastel….of course my clumsiness is in the handling of anything else than brushes, pencils or pastels…if you ever seen me handling a hammer, you would understand…so the follow up of this unknowned model, on a dark setting wearing her lovely white boots…no the paper clips are not an attempt at some installation work….:)
As usual, clicking on the photo will take you to this pastel page and more pics and slideshow and a few more things to come…

416-07 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs, pastel 19,5x25,5 po 2012-02-29


Ah mondays…tough

tough going back to work, real work…the one that most of people do and crave for that quitting time, ok at least me….As I wrote on my french site, thanks to the people, who are getting more numerous to visit and ‘like’ my paintings, we paint for ourselves, but the selve feel much better when poeple show appreciation, thanks again to all.

I started modifying my french site, pages will be added in time for individual work, it will be a long processus though.., more details in the next few days…hopefully.

As for tonight did at least some painting, left the two Cindys, needed a break, and work on an oil painting, maybe switching from acrylic to oil did me some good, I think this one is coming along very nice, so the picture and the link to Flickr, if you want to look at the previous stages..

412-11 Modèle aux gants Huile, 22x28 po (55x70 cm) 2012-02-27

Double Cindy…a follow up…

Did want to work a bit more on the contrast, but at one point today I love the lights, even if I though that the something was still misseing

So here’s what the painting looked like at this point

415-07 Cindy Crawford double... Acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x70 cm 2012-02-25

and then I kept working on it, gain a few things, I think, but at the expense of the lights around the hair and on their suits…but I think I should be able to get it back, so here’s where it stand now…

415-09 Cindy Crawford double... Acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x70 cm 2012-02-26

I guess that at the end it should stand in between these two versions…unless of course I have another good idea…which sometimes cans carry the work somewhere else, good , sometimes not so good…:) but I will be careful….of course.

A new one…Cindy Crawford in double…

After ‘this is the end’ it is a beginning or ‘it’s only a beginning’ from the doors to Chicago…ok leave the old music for the painting, started from a photo of Cindy Crawford, in fact Cindy twice….the photo is a bit strange, she or they seem either scared or angry, I don’t know in which cirsconstances that picture was taken, but I did not think it will make a beautiful portrait….so I went for an acrylic and taking a more loose approch, painting more the shapes than the models…even started with black and white gesso..or shades of grey and a bit of leftover colors….a few pics to show what it did look like….

I can’t quite figure out why but seems that when I’m working in acrylic, my painting is a bit more spontaneous than in oil, not better or worse, just different, more like my style when I was taking life models workshop, quick poses so you don’t have the luxury to work to much in details…

415-07 Cindy Crawford double... Acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x70 cm 2012-02-25


The beginning in slides…

This is the end….

Jim’s Morrisson lyrics apply pretty well to this painting…seems a few times it was finish, even signed at a few times…reworked, lost, and founded again time and time , of course I could have work on it ad vitam eternam…but that’s seems too long for me….eternity….., this time ‘voilà c’es fini, dit Jimmy’ in the words of Patricia Kass…:))

357-76 Liz Hurley Huile sur acrylique 28x22(70x55) 2012-02-24

Bad nights…

Still exploring this Letter, L like in Lonneke or Liz, tonight and last night it was Liz…her face, mainly, needed much improvment, of course did retouched the whole thing, here and there…but I guess I got too much in the groove, and the groove was too deep…it went wrong, I realized that I guess when I got out of that groove, the walls were too high for me to see that I was going where no man, or woman, want to go…at least for an artist…loosing a pretty good painting so far, a difficult one, but finally I think it will be more than okay…a beautiful one…even if now it doesn’t look so good and the goal seems far, very far…

357-74 Liz Hurley Huile sur acrylique 28x22(70x55) 2012-02-22

L is such a beautiful letter…

So why not stay with it…so instead of Lonneke, here’s Liz….Hurley, last time I worked on this painting, it went a bit off, her face wasn’t to my liking…like in L….so I reworked it tonight, not quite back yet, but on the good direction, I think…

It will be easier to compare if I put the previous version, the pic…

357-72 Liz Hurley huile sur acrylique 70x55 cm 2012-01-08

and the reworked version of tonight, still work to do on it, but as I said I thing it is coming okay….

357-73 Liz Hurley huile sur acrylique 70x55 cm 2012-02-20

Lonneke and the left…

Well, Lonneke did change quite a bit, again, especially, Lonneke in the middle, not Malcolm…., she did not seemed right to me, competing too much with her neighbors…or other impressions of her…in fact she look right now…especially since her left side is pretty well gone…:)), also fading, the triple boots on the left…fading fast almost gone…gone with the blue…so the left is fading, like here in Canada, is it that my painting is becoming engaged? probably just a coïncidence…so Lonneke Engel, imagine if her family name would be Hegel…:), but I think I’M a better painter than political science writer..

As for the painting, it has changed, am I right or wrong? doesn’t really matter, I am the one holding the brushes…and I would not be surprised a bit if other changes occur, and I guess you should not be to surprised either…

325-60 Lonneke Engel 18x24 po (45x61 cm) 2012-02-19


401 Kate Moss et cigarette – making ofAcrylique/Acrylic
(70×50 cm; 20×28 in)

Janvier – février 2011
January-Ferbruary 2011

Cliquez sur l’image pour une version haute résolution et voir les autres versions sur Flickr
Click on image for high resolution version and see the other versions on Flickr

And a video, making of style…silent making of….

401 a video by JMR-ART on Flickr.

And finally the original photo of Kate Moss, well known top-model and designer

Kate Moss