Lonneke, and her boots and skirt…

her lovely boots and skirt…seems that these have the power to make those forms and colors to move, change, an unstoppable dance, as one of my good friend said about this painting…each time I worked on this painting, and still true this time, every thing change, take a new direction, so it wasn’t and still is not an easy painting….every time I thought okay I got it now, it take another turn…but this time it is coming very near to the end, her face is to my liking, almost even her ear…have a lot, a big lot of trouble with ears…among many other things…:)); as for the painting, I had so many different ways of painting this one, that I am sure, I will do another version…still have the feeling that I can paint it in a different way again, and again…probably. Her and her boots, her by the way is top model Lonneke Engel, are kind of magic, at least to me…:), I can already say that the forthcoming video of the making of this painting…will be interesting…

325-59 Lonneke Engel 18x24 po (45x61 cm) 2012-02-18

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