Lonneke and the left…

Well, Lonneke did change quite a bit, again, especially, Lonneke in the middle, not Malcolm…., she did not seemed right to me, competing too much with her neighbors…or other impressions of her…in fact she look right now…especially since her left side is pretty well gone…:)), also fading, the triple boots on the left…fading fast almost gone…gone with the blue…so the left is fading, like here in Canada, is it that my painting is becoming engaged? probably just a coïncidence…so Lonneke Engel, imagine if her family name would be Hegel…:), but I think I’M a better painter than political science writer..

As for the painting, it has changed, am I right or wrong? doesn’t really matter, I am the one holding the brushes…and I would not be surprised a bit if other changes occur, and I guess you should not be to surprised either…

325-60 Lonneke Engel 18x24 po (45x61 cm) 2012-02-19

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