Bad nights…

Still exploring this Letter, L like in Lonneke or Liz, tonight and last night it was Liz…her face, mainly, needed much improvment, of course did retouched the whole thing, here and there…but I guess I got too much in the groove, and the groove was too deep…it went wrong, I realized that I guess when I got out of that groove, the walls were too high for me to see that I was going where no man, or woman, want to go…at least for an artist…loosing a pretty good painting so far, a difficult one, but finally I think it will be more than okay…a beautiful one…even if now it doesn’t look so good and the goal seems far, very far…

357-74 Liz Hurley Huile sur acrylique 28x22(70x55) 2012-02-22

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