A new one…Cindy Crawford in double…

After ‘this is the end’ it is a beginning or ‘it’s only a beginning’ from the doors to Chicago…ok leave the old music for the painting, started from a photo of Cindy Crawford, in fact Cindy twice….the photo is a bit strange, she or they seem either scared or angry, I don’t know in which cirsconstances that picture was taken, but I did not think it will make a beautiful portrait….so I went for an acrylic and taking a more loose approch, painting more the shapes than the models…even started with black and white gesso..or shades of grey and a bit of leftover colors….a few pics to show what it did look like….

I can’t quite figure out why but seems that when I’m working in acrylic, my painting is a bit more spontaneous than in oil, not better or worse, just different, more like my style when I was taking life models workshop, quick poses so you don’t have the luxury to work to much in details…

415-07 Cindy Crawford double... Acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x70 cm 2012-02-25


The beginning in slides…

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