Double Cindy…a follow up…

Did want to work a bit more on the contrast, but at one point today I love the lights, even if I though that the something was still misseing

So here’s what the painting looked like at this point

415-07 Cindy Crawford double... Acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x70 cm 2012-02-25

and then I kept working on it, gain a few things, I think, but at the expense of the lights around the hair and on their suits…but I think I should be able to get it back, so here’s where it stand now…

415-09 Cindy Crawford double... Acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x70 cm 2012-02-26

I guess that at the end it should stand in between these two versions…unless of course I have another good idea…which sometimes cans carry the work somewhere else, good , sometimes not so good…:) but I will be careful….of course.

2 thoughts on “Double Cindy…a follow up…

  1. Wow, just beautiful. I always envy artists who can produce something visually stunning so easily. Or at least it seems easy.

    All I can manage are stick figures. 😦

    Ah well. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks, yes sometimes it is easy, not always… the most difficult thing for me is to stop at the right moment…:), I will look to your site a bit more in detail, seems interessant, now it is getting late…and work is waiting for me…work not painting….:(

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