A Pastel…a bit more of it…

Kept working on last night paste…this drawing, or painting, well pastel is getting me confused, a bit of both for me, well not so important let’s say it is pastel, I like the luminosity and softness of pastels colors, in the same time their boldness and strikes, and for once instead of having my hand full of thumbs…do you have this saying in english? I do have them full of pastel….of course my clumsiness is in the handling of anything else than brushes, pencils or pastels…if you ever seen me handling a hammer, you would understand…so the follow up of this unknowned model, on a dark setting wearing her lovely white boots…no the paper clips are not an attempt at some installation work….:)
As usual, clicking on the photo will take you to this pastel page and more pics and slideshow and a few more things to come…

416-07 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs, pastel 19,5x25,5 po 2012-02-29


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