Woman with a suitcase and a change of pace…

Reworked the woman and a suitcase, or briefcase, whatever…in fact the photo is from last night…

393-29 Modèle inconnue, bottes, gants et valise blancs et jupe damier Huile, 20x28(50x70) 2012-03-30

Reworked this  morning, and then, not that it went wrong, it just that I felt kind of stuck, and somehow just happened to read a post of Mike Reverb talking about writer’s block ou artist’s, did commented and though that maybe I should apply the recipe, his post if you are curious about it, http://mikereverb.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/writers-block-personified/, so I started a new pastel, change of pace from oil painting, and basically just doing something else….here’s the first picture, about 10 minutes into this new pastel…

417-01 Alicia Silverstone Pastel 19,5x25,5 po 2012-03-31

The rest of this pastel and as well as the new stages of the woman with the suitcase will follow either tomorrow or later…I’m trying to do a post a day, or more…but during the week it is not easy when you work and time is scarce…so I though that maybe I should build some kind of reserve….


In fact versions worked on Sunday nigth or Saturday, yes I started keeping ‘stock’ in the bank…so when during week night I tend to stay up much too late painting and posting, I will have things to show, post not at an undue hour for me…have to get up way too early for my old body…:) does not mean I will go to sleep so early though, but I go to sleep late, it will probably be because I’m still painting, and preparing a post for the next day, or the next day or after or later…:)

414-06 Paulina Porizkova Acrylique 24x36(61x92) 2012-03-24


The woman with a suitcase…

Aka Model with white boots and gloves, wearing a checkered pattern skirt like a racing flag….yeah that one…another one that is very close to signature time, unfortunately it is right in the middle of the week, and it is getting late and tomorrow I do have to return early to jail…oops meant to the office…

393-28 Modèle inconnue, bottes, gants et valise blancs et jupe damier Huile, 20x28(50x70) 2012-03-27

Kristen….The End?

Well almost there, rigth now, about 18:00 in Montréal, I would say it is a question of time, actually more of if I can convince myself, this is the best I can do…cannot improve it, like to try to make her dress more colorful….because I know that somehow often small retouches, end up, me asking myself, where I am now? and look to a painting that was almost finish to one that need lot of reworking….meanwhile here the last night version….

413-17 Kristen sous un beau ciel noir Acrylique, 24x30" (61x76 cm) 2012-03-24

Finally spent the night for signing the rent for the whole year…so did not finish this painting, coloring the dress or maybe it is finished…let’s see about that tomorrow….

413-18 Kristen sous un beau ciel noir Acrylique, 24x30" (61x76 cm) 2012-03-25

The versatile blogger award…

Thanks to Mike Reverb to pass this award along, Mike is a frequent visitor to this site as well as the on in french…..here’s is page address http://mikereverb.wordpress.com/, and the post on his site, talking about this award


I guess it is like the expression ‘sending back the elevator’…..I don’t think there is a big money check coming with it, but there is also, no malediction or bad things attached to it saying that if you don’t follow the rules in the next seven days…your site will strard dwelling or disappearing…:)) instead it will probably bring you some new visitors, which is all about blogging is I think….so here’s my ‘dues’….:))

Seven things unknown from reading or actually more looking to my site…

1- I used to be in, I would almost say a previous life…a civil engineer…..did not find what I wanted in this job, and a lot of what I definitely did not want to find….:)

2- At 30, I quit my job, and travelled to Western Europe for a whole year, stayed in Vienna for four months, learn enough of the german language to survive, the difficulty being having people to speak to me in german, instead of english or french; find a nice cafe where I spent almost all my nights, drinking krugel (big bock of beer) playing chess, and reinventing the world….and also took drawing and painting lessons…for a while really did have a ‘Bohème’ life….

3- Before painting, I was an amateur photographer, still planning to get back into it…soon, and starting another blog for photos of course…

4- Even If I am a Montrealer, home of the famous Canadiens, but not these days, and that supposely every Quebecer or Canadian, knows how to skate and were born with a hockey stick…I can’t stand on skates, in another area, cannot swim either..so I am very unlikely to drown on a frozen pond where the ice would have broken under my fairly hefty weight….ok not that much, let’s say slightly overweighed

5- I growned in a very religious family, and in the sixties Montreal was a very very catholic town…and at home every boy was, wanting or not, an altar boy….almost an obligatory enlistment, like in the army, I can’t say that never been in the army, military service is not obligatory in Canada….but times were changing and many of my friends did not have the same religious type of family…so I was a bit embaressed when friends or worse, the girl you would have like to date…pass by, me standing on the church front porch, in a ‘soutane’….wearing some kind of long robe…and religion was not ‘in’ anymore….at that time.

6- One thing I did like of one of my former job, there is some…first I had to move to Winnipeg, learning about the other ‘solitude’ of Canada….and start drawing and painting there; and had to go often in the Great White North….not quite the one of the Mackenzie brothers on SCTV…., spent there a few months a year every year, on meteorological stations, the 24 hours sun…and 24 hours night and -60 Celcius…at that point you don’t really care about Celsius or Farenheit, it is just cold….but the scenery was beautiful, fjords, icebergs, and the feeling to be at the end of the world….maybe not, but from there you could almost see it, 81 degree north is quite north, actually at that point the north compass wasn’t showing north, the magnetic pole was south-west of the station, so north was south-west, confusing…:), I do have a lot of photographs, slides, eventually I will have them digitized, so I can look at them and show them of course….

7- English is not my mother language….:) neither french….puzzled? well I am a Vegarian, from the sixth planet of the Vega system…., yes I came to earth on a study ship many centuries ago, and while I was taking a stroll, the ship went without me….they say they will come back, but I start doubting that….I also like to write sometimes, actually more than often silly things about me and sometimes my painting….:)

OOps I forgot, here’s a few blog that I do like, there is more, but I had to cut, so dont feel upset if yours isn’t there, would be a good idea, to mention more of them in the near future…more of a  reminder post it to me…:)))
















Finally, I’m here…

the last few days were crazy job wise…but finally got around doing some painting since last night…in fact worked on three paintings in progress, here’s one, keeping the others for tomorrow or later, in case….
so Nicole and her double, and her multiplying shoes….

392-25 Nicole Breitenbach Huile sur fond acrylique 18x24(45x61) 2012-03-23