A bit of changes on my site…

If you go to the Works In progress page you will find thumbnails of on going works, the picture are linked to this work page’s, eventually I will add infos, as notes, different stages, or pictures used in the process of doing this particular work..so more to come…promesses…promesses…I think the is a Cranberry song with this title…:)

And of course links to pages of finished work can still be found in Porte Folio

the link to the first page, not much so far, but it is a beginning…

416 – Unknown model wearing ankle white boots, a pastel

2 thoughts on “A bit of changes on my site…

  1. I really enjoyed clicking through the photos in “Girl Sitting On Stairs” and watching you complete the painting. It was like watching someone be born.

    Beautiful work. 😉

    • Thank you, I will try to do more, sometimes I also do some morphing work, it is more like a video than a slideshow , they are fun to watch, and even for me looking back at them make me realised a few things, good, sometimes that could have been better..probably like some coaches watching last game video…:))

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