Pastel, more of it…

Worked on an off on this same pastel, sometimes it seems easier just to keep going with the same one, but I start feeling the urge to do something with my brushes, in oil I think, can’t explain why sometimes I feel the need for a medium or another, it is just there and changing often…these days.

416-08 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5x25,5 po 2012-03-03

Also updated this work page’s, a few additions worth a click…I think…:) so 416 – Unknown model wearing ankle boots or on my site

2 thoughts on “Pastel, more of it…

  1. So we might see an oil painting soon?

    If you’re getting that urge, give into it! I can only imagine how great an oil painting from you would look.

    Thank you for sharing this great pastel work. The white boots really stand out. 🙂

    • Thanks, did not get to my brushes yet…worked to much on my sites…:)) but I guess I will have to manage these different ‘urges’, the oil painting won’t be a new one, just one that been sitting there for a few weeks…it is like a ‘chaîne de montage’ in my appart…but unlike those in big plants, this is a fun one…:)

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