Broke the ‘chain’ tonight…

Which chain? not a real one, also not one like Ford invented…just the line of paintings that go around my place, usually I work on the one that came on top after a few weeks usually, started that many years ago, then I used to start many paintings and finish almost none…but tonight I did skip the dancer to work on Sophie Marceau painting…one of my favorite…yeah I know they are all in some way my favorite, but…as for the dancer, this painting is probably finish, just could not decide myself to sign it…

So Sophie jump ahead…did not work much, went with caution, prudence or simply a bit tired and did not want to lose something that so far look pretty good to me…and added this painting page, 379 Sophie Marceau, not much for now, a slideshow, of course more to come…and the latest version picture..

379-39 Sophie Marceau Huile 24x30(61x76) 2012-03-05

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