Sophie, ‘un encore’

Back on this painting of Sophie Marceau, not quite sure if it is better, compare to the previous one, her face is more ‘flowing’ mainly the hair, work all around the place, to make it a bit more flowing and lightfull, not quite yet where I want it to be, can’t say if it is better or just different than the previous version, but now I think I will let it rest a few days, weeks, not quite ready to sign it yet…

Previous version…

379-40 Sophie Marceau Huile 24x30(61x76) 2012-03-07

and last night version, the latest…

379-41 Sophie Marceau Huile 24x30(61x76) 2012-03-10

4 thoughts on “Sophie, ‘un encore’

  1. I like the “new” face and the shading on her left hand and under her right arm JM. I like the left hand boot – but maybe the right hand boot is a bit small??

    • Yes I did have problems with this boot, as far as I can tell it is pretty accurate compared to the photograph, but may be it is a case where I should go with my instinct and forget the photo, as long as the body is well drawn…:)

  2. Hmm, I have to admit that I liked the previous version better. It’s something about the face. She looks more alive in the first version, like she’s looking straight at me.

    But they book look great; it’s like choosing between a glass of red or white wine. 🙂

    • Yes sometimes it is not clear, there’s a lot I like in the new version, but some I missed from the previous, I’m probably du to let it rest a few days, not much because of oil drying, I can work wet in wet, but more to look back to it with a ‘fresh’ look, it is easier to do that after a bit of time…

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