Woman with a suitcase and a change of pace…

Reworked the woman and a suitcase, or briefcase, whatever…in fact the photo is from last night…

393-29 Modèle inconnue, bottes, gants et valise blancs et jupe damier Huile, 20x28(50x70) 2012-03-30

Reworked this  morning, and then, not that it went wrong, it just that I felt kind of stuck, and somehow just happened to read a post of Mike Reverb talking about writer’s block ou artist’s, did commented and though that maybe I should apply the recipe, his post if you are curious about it, http://mikereverb.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/writers-block-personified/, so I started a new pastel, change of pace from oil painting, and basically just doing something else….here’s the first picture, about 10 minutes into this new pastel…

417-01 Alicia Silverstone Pastel 19,5x25,5 po 2012-03-31

The rest of this pastel and as well as the new stages of the woman with the suitcase will follow either tomorrow or later…I’m trying to do a post a day, or more…but during the week it is not easy when you work and time is scarce…so I though that maybe I should build some kind of reserve….

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