Can’t never explain or tell why, but sometimes, my painting goes so freely, brushes strokes, paint, gesture, everything seems to be there and it is flowing…yes there is a few times, where it doesn’t work, but tonight wasn’t one of those bad nights, in fact when I’m working on this pace, usually better things come off than bad things…hope you will agree with me on this on tonight

400-33 Huile sur acrylique 20x28 Modèle pensive ou souriante? 2012-04-11

Maybe the answer just lie in front of me, just paint, don’t think too much, just let the feeling come out and hope it will be good, if not, try another one….

2 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. just exactly what I was thinking about today, sometimes it’s such a struggle and sometimes things just flow. And i just don’t know why. I love your last sentence so much!!
    And your painting is definitely fine!

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