That day, the 15 th, pastel and acrylic on the menu…

As I said yesterday, started with the pastel, even before breakfast, and then move to the acrylic painting, of Noelle, Noelle in french sounds like Noël, Chistmas….sounds like, they do have similarities…both character involved in these two, they like red, black and boots, sounds like but cannot say look like although, so since were not yet to Christmas….pffioouuuu….let’s get back to this painting, so here’s where it was standing 2 days ago….’la suite’ ? tomorrow or thursday, but definitely before Christmas….

418-09 Noelle en rouge et noir, acrylique, 30x24 po, 76x61 cm, 2012-04-15

et le diaporama/and the slideshow

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