The lost dancer…

Back to this dancer, did started on fire..but went cold…this painting earlier was very lively, now look that it is missing something…life?

406-21 Danse Huile 28x20(70x50) 2012-01-15

Lifeless to me it was…so why not adding a bit of color and movement, and besides the dancer pose’s seems to me a bit awkward…

406-20 Danse Huile 28x20(70x50) 2012-04-18

Maybe a bit too much of color, actually I like it this way, but it is too soon, I prefer to keep it a bit more subtile at this point, and the pose, did not improbe very much, actually her right leg is worst….now…

406-21 Danse Huile 28x20(70x50) 2012-04-18

Ended up this day between ‘two waters’, better than at the beginning, but it was still better at one point….Einstein wrote that the shortest course in the Universe is a curve one between two points, in my case, with most of my art, it is a more chaotic one…:)

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