Kristen…a break dance..oops break from the dancer

In fact did reworked on this dancer with the ‘bizarre leg’…but as I wrote a few days ago, I’ve decided, that it would be easier for me to keep some work in ‘reserve’, and post it even on days where time is shorter….according to Einstein it is possible…I don’t need the relativity theory to believe back to painting, so the dancer will be back in a few days…in the meantime, kristen is back, it is going good, but, there is often or always a but….the meaning of this ‘oui mais’ will come in a future post, let’s just say that I don’t know, it is often the case, when to stop…what happened? Guess you will have to watch for a future post…I’m sorry for the wait, it is my marketing manager….who suggested that…:))

413-19 Kristen sous un beau ciel noir Acrylique, 24x30" (61x76 cm) 2012-04-21

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