Tale of a forecasted disaster…:)

Like I did wrote a few days ago, some things started bothering me with this painting of Kristen, don’t know why, contrary to most of painters I know working with acrylic, more I worked on a painting, seems to me the colors are not taking a more vivid look, contrast is fading, and of course I still don’t know how to render folds as good with acrylic than in oils…so I went for oil, knowing that a temporary cost come with this decision…in addition, although her face is well drawned, the proportion and direction of her look wasn’t to my taste, actually it look pretty good on the picture, but it went bad, no picture taken…sometimes I forgot…or don’t want…so went to oil a bit by exasperation, more because I think I can do better in the end with oil paints…

413-20 Kristen sous un beau ciel noir Acrylique, 24x30" (61x76 cm) 2012-04-21

Now the oil version, reworked since…the face is not improving, but it was expected….but I think, therefore I am would have said Descartes, who as far as I know, wasn’t a painter…so back to painting, the ligth, contrast and softness of the folds of her dress are improving, at least to my eye, so there is ligth, not at the end of the tunnel, but at the end of my brushes loaded with oil paint…

413-21 Kristen sous un beau ciel noir Acrylique, 24x30" (61x76 cm) 2012-04-22

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