Waiting for a new one…Alicia’s pastel

Did a bit of pastel, all day long, on and off, Alicia, it is coming along pretty good,…besides that I started working on a new one, I’m still at the stage where I’m preparing the sketch in photoshop….sizing, correcting, and others things…

Il shall be another acrylic…but this time, I am leaning toward more of a mixed technique approach, watercolor color paper, pasted on canvas, sketched with watercolor, I am not a watercolorist per say, I am not using it often, and when I do it is more for sketching, but this time as I did a few times so far, I will finish it with acrylic, two water base medium, and the way I’m working with acrylic, it is often very diluted…maybe that why it seems to me, that often I have problems working in acrylic, and I am often tempted to finish them in oils…more later on that…and later this week-end, another version of Kristen, now Alicia’s pastel, the last two versions

417-07 Alicia Silverstone, pastel, 19,5x25,5 po, 2012-04-27

417-08 Alicia Silverstone, pastel, 19,5x25,5 po, 2012-04-27

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