I don’t quite know why or how, but these days, weeks actually…like last week end, I do have difficulty to get working…I mean painting, seems that all kinds of things, some good, many bads, keep me away from the easel, the will to paint or draw is not as strong as usual…I know some ‘external factors’ polite words for somebody else who …well I’m not going to elaborate on that, anyhow, external things or myself are not helping the production…but these are often the times, that I do remember how I do love working pastel….don’t know why sometimes we do forget some of these things that are so dear to us…so over last week-end, between moments of doldrum, I did worked on this pastel, this model and her white ankle boots…here’s a version, already 4 days old…other are on deck….later, not tonight, later like tomorrow or over the week…and also, a painting that I did reworked last night…

416-12 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-05-05

2 thoughts on “Strange…

  1. Ahhhhh, I know the feeling quite well… it’s definitely possible to just get burnt out from painting, even if it’s something we love! Sometimes it’s good to take a break from it and focus on other things for a while, work on something else without feeling guilty about not working on another painting/drawing, you know? I’m sure that the inspiration will return to you! 🙂
    Love the look of her reflection in this picture, and the sheen of her… pantyhose, is it? Nice!

    • Thanks! yes these days I’m not in a good ‘artistic shape’…actually feel more like crashing in front the tv and watchin movies…It will come back, it is not the first time…but it is alway ‘discomforting’…maybe we need these moments, just to get bac to it with a fresh attitude…:)

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