Update on Work in progress page and ….

Added a page for an in progress painting, and updated the in progress page, the one of a model wearing boots…you know the one I’m sure….:) ok the one standing in front of a modern building reflection a much older one, older than me…365 Old Mirrorred…yes title is definitely something that undergoes as much change with my works than the painting itself….

I’m still working on the two Cindy,s, but I’m not sure I will have anything to show, and the one above is the ‘next in line’….the new version probably tomorrow or friday…

Also, I guess many of you already know it, I do have my own site and a french one on wordpress also, I did started this one and I thought it was a good idea to keep my french site, french only and my english site english only, but when I write on my jmr-art site, all posts are bilingual so I was thinking that maybe I should just maintain one site on wordpress, and everything would be bilingual, which would mean for me less work, less duplicating pages and everything else and an easier way to keep everything up to date.

So what do you think? I would like to have your thoughts on that, anyhow I will continue working on this site for awhile, but eventually I do have to think about a way to spent less time updating all my sites and more on painting…:)

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