And ‘la suite’…

Not much time for painting today, so here’s the latest versions of this watercolor and ink, it is coming pretty good to my liking, anyway….did also a bit of oil painting on this model wearing gloves, but not much, so update on this one will have to wait…tomorrow…I will try….

Tonight no painting, cut on my drinking, did not have much of a choice, but tonight is one of those, that I will leave myself a bit of leeway…so time for les Foufounes électriques…here in Montréal…

so the latest version and a slideshow, as well as the link to this painting page, 420 – Model wearing a fur coat, animal fur or synthetic can’t say, but no animal were harmed in this work, except maybe a few hair for the brushes, can’t say for the coat…

420-06 Inconnue au manteau de fourrure Aquarelle et encre, 22×30 po, 55×76 cm 2012-05-23

And the slideshow

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