Absent…and model wearing numerous gloves…

Not much painting done last few days, many reasons, the main one being my computer acting up…a new one is on the way….hope it will last until the cavalry arrived….:), and also been busy to others things, and today was back to work after a week holidays that went like one day…and today’.s workday seems to me like it was a whole week…so painting speaking, here’s the latest two versions of this model with so many gloves and two beautiful eyes, the beauty of those I wish I will be able to capture on this painting…will have to see about that…

Pas bien là ces derniers jours, toutes sortes de petites choses qui contreviennent, entre autre mon ordi…un nouveau est en route, espérons que celui ci se rende jusqu,au bout….:), il se fait déjà un peu tard, la semaine de vacances m’a semblé bien courte, comme une journée qui passe trop vite, alors que la journée de travail aujourd’hui m’a semblé durer une semaine…donc en attendant voici les deux dernières versions de ce modèle aux nombreux gants et aux yeux, si beaux, dont j’espère réussir à capter la beauté…

412-13 Modèle aux gants Huile, 22×28 po (55×70 cm) 2012-05-25

412-14 Modèle aux gants Huile, 22×28 po (55×70 cm) 2012-05-26

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