Gloves, Textures and Color…

A model with gloves, color, texture, folds…I think I’ve said before that I do like painting from fashion, playing with colors, clothes, folds and textures, but for a rare occasion….no boots….:)

Un modèle…avec des gants, de la couleur, des textures, des plis…pense que j’ai déjà mentionné que j’aime peindre les top modèles, et aussi jouer avec les couleurs et les plis et textures des vêtements…exceptionnellement, pas de bottes….:)

412-15 Modèle aux gants Huile, 22×28 po (55×70 cm) 2012-08-06

2 thoughts on “Gloves, Textures and Color…

  1. I adore your paintings 🙂 You are so good!
    Sometimes I wish I could paint this way, then I remind myself ‘No artist is the same. You have your own style’ 🙂 And I am still practicing… If I only had more time for it…

    • Thank you! yes it is true, we all have our own style, with strong points and others to work on..:), I like yours, I found we can always get a new look on what we do by looking to fellow artists work, see you soon!

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