8 P.M. last night…

8 P.M. last night, worked ‘on and off” yesterday painting all day long, seems that this model with her checkered skirt, white boots and gloves, has kind of kept my attention, I know I will not finish it this session or in the next few days, but don’t feel like yet moving to something else or new….maybe later or tomorrow, I guess I’m having too much fun painting her…that’s a pretty good reason for me….:)

393-37 Modèle inconnue, bottes, gants et valise blancs et jupe damier Huile, 20×28(50×70) 2012-09-13

Kept working, still is this morning, I really like the way the folds are coming, and a few other things as well….I kind of rediscovered why I was using regular linseed oil in the beginning, its flowing capacity is unequal, good when you need blending and softness in your paintings, I just have to find the right mix of regular llindseed and stand oil, damar and rectified turpentine…a small detail…:)

Encore en train de la retravailler ce matin, je m’amuse encore avec les plis et coloris, redécouvre pourquoi au début j’utilisais l’huile de lin ‘ordinaire’, rien n’égale sa fluidité…faut seulement que je trouve le bon dosage avec l’huile de lin purifiée, la térébenthine rectifié et le vernis damar…un détail….:)

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