The beginning of a painting…

As mentionned yesterday, I sketched this new painting with few oil, diluted, and drawing with the brushes of course, but mainly with a rag, just to move around the paint freely, trying to get the composition the most accurate possible, as far as I can tell for now…so here’s where this painting is now, in his very early stages, so photo and a slideshow of the first few steps…

Comme mentionné hier, j’ai esquissé ce tableau, en utilisant l’huile assez dilué, des pinceaux et surtout des chiffons, pour dessiner les formes, sans trop les pousser, mais en essayant de m’assurer que tout est bien positionné, enfin en autant que je puisse dire…voici où j’en suis et un diaporama des toutes premières étapes…

425-05, Elizabeth Hurley 3, huile 22×28 po (55×70 cm) 2012-09-24

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