Cindy to start 2013…

Well, time to get going with this new year, so here’s a new version of this Cindy Crawford painting, in fact of the two Cindys, this one started as an acrylic, now I finishing it, not yet of course….in oil. I guess I’m going through another crisis…debating why I do start them in acrylic, most of the time I switch to oil….which seems to me a medium more suited to me, at least these days….so there is this latest version…

Bon, il est temps de la commencer cette nouvelle année…alors une autre version du tableau de Cindy, en fait des deux….tableau commencé à l’acrylique et que je termine à l’huile, je sens venir une autre période où je me demande pourquoi je les commence à l’acrylique mes tableaux, l’huile me semble plus un médium adéquat pour moi…du moins de ce temps ci, bon alors la voici cette dernière version….

415-25 Cindy Crawford double… Acrylique, 20×30 po, 50×76 cm 2013-01-02

3 thoughts on “Cindy to start 2013…

    • Thanks! I do feel the same way about these mediums, but most of the time, I come back to oils, although I like sometimes going for acrylic, it is quick, and it is a change of pace, which sometimes is a good thing…:) I tried also many products who change the drying time and other properties of acrylic, it is good but not like working with oils.

      I like also acrylic for mixed techniques work, paper pasted onto the canvas or others, I guess it will be a continuous debate for me….:)))

      • May the debate continue to be fruitful! I’ve found the same thing with adding products to increase acrylic drying time–not the same. I just wish oils would hurry up when I’m ready for the next layer :).

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