Yes…I’m still here…

Still quite or almost idle painting wise….slow getting in like the spring here this year, supposed to arrive, but it is making itself wanted….and another week-end that went just like that, like a brief wind, which by the way is the case here today…but finally manage to work a bit on this oil painting, Paulina, ready to be signed, probably, but as you may know, I do not tend to make that decision just walking off working on it, a few hours of looking back, maybe days will go before I decide if it is finished or just another version…:)

Toujours bien au ralenti…mais là, au ralenti comme le printemps qui tarde à se montrer par ici…encore une fois la fin-de-semaine a passé en coup-de-vent, dans les deux sens du mot, enfin trouvé un peu de temps pour peindre, Paulina, est-il fini ce tableau, probablement…mais je ne prends jamais cette décision sans quelques heures ou jours de recul….:)

414-17 Paulina Porizkova Huile sur Acrylique 24×36(61×92) 2013-04-07

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