So is it coming this pastel?

Yes, it is almost there, or maybe it is moving a bit too far, like tonight, short time on it but many pastel strokes, looser strokes, can be good or sometimes a bit too much on the loose, but will have to wait to see the pic, tonight is last night one, a pastel, of Carla, as for the final touch, often I do become a bit obsessive about getting it right for me, and it goes and goes, will see…

Il avance, ce soir je l’ai retravaillé quelque peu, en fait peu de temps mais beaucoup de coup de pastel, mais la photo est celle d’hier, la suite plus tard, donc un pastel de Carla, qui approche de la fin ou s’en éloigne un peu, je suis toujours un peu beaucoup obstiné lorsque vient le temps de la touche finale…

Carla Brown, 437, Pastel

437-30 Carla Brown, pastel, 25,5×19,5 po/in (65×50 cm); 2015-02-01

le diaporama et la photo de Carla / The slideshow and Carla photo


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