Tried…and not quite what I wanted…

Sometimes you do try bizarre things, with a camera, or else,and the results are, well, also bizarre, can’t quite remember this one, probably when I had that apartment for a short time i a high -rise building, I guess I try to disengage the sprocket who advance the film, so as to create a superposition of two frames, and without a tripod to add to the difficulty, so the result is more or less impressive, not quite the ‘artistic blur and effect’ I was looking for, maybe I should use that for a painting…would probably be better…:)


Winnipeg, lumières..floues / Blurred night ligths, 1982

Parfois on essaie n’importe quoi avec un appareil-photo, et on obtient, n’importe quoi aussi…probablement un essai de superposition, en désactivant l’avancement du film, et je n’avais pas de trépied, tout pour provoquer un flou qui se voulait artistique…si j’en faisais un tabeau le reésultat serait possiblement bon, quant à la photo, un essai au résultat pas tout-à fait fructueux….:)

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