I am Pinceau / je m’appelle Pinceau

I though that I would let my cat introduce himself…hum difficult, so here’s a few photo and a new page under the PHOTO sections, the link Mon chat – My cat

And a few photos, in fact the ones that are now in the page gallery, more to come of course.

I guess if he could write, today he would probably write something like this

‘Well it is about time, my servant, oh yes he thinks he is my master, but I own him…:) except that for the last few weeks he works way too much, and I have to wait for him to feed me, clean the litter box, he leave so early in the morning and come much too late at night, but  I think he’s pretty good…for a human…:D

Except, that when he’s finally here and spent time home, he’s going to draw, or sit in front of a funny looking window, but that you can really see outside, but there’s a few things moving, I try to scratch it, but since when I was young, they remove my claw i just can stick my paw in this funny looking window, and finally get my servant attention, I am hungry….

Ok now what I heard, that,s me now, the servant…and it sounds like ‘ brrr moew, brrr brrr brrprttt rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr  r  rrrrrrr, and much more of that…

Actually I must confess I copy the idea, about letting the cat talk of a good friend of mine blog  MITAINE ET DENTELLE de Claire Renaud

And, today I kept updating and changing my sites on Weebly, the french/English one and this one, change the label too, the upper page


the original

Modèle imaginaire 003

Eventually, when I will have more time and try to set up those sites so they will complement each other and maybe don’t overlap too much, I will let you know, and let Pinceau have his say too…:)

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