Liz, a bit here, a bit there…more to come..

It’s been a long time, Liz is back, and it is as much difficult for me these days, weeks I should say to get going, and finding time for painting, I guess sometimes I could say it is more procrastination than lack of time, but these days I did won a few small terms of short sessions, 30 minutes, taken from a way too much hectic schedule, I guess the important thing is to continue to do something, even if it is very little…

Liz, il y a bien longtemps…et toujours aussi difficile ces jours-ci, semaines-ci je devrais dire de combattre la procrastination…au moins depuis quelques jours je remporte de petites victoires, sous forme de 30 minutes arrachées aux tâches quotidiennes et accaparantes…


425-46, Elizabeth Hurley 3, huile 22×28 po (55×70 cm) 2015-03-18

Comme d’habitude, la photo de Liz et le diaporama / As usual, Liz photo’s and the slideshow

Elizabeth Hurley 016

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