Au tour du chat…My cat turn…

Pinceau insiste que je montre quelques photos de lui…je lui cède la parole, enfin traduite du chat vers….Non mais c’est quoi des photos de poteaux, de bouts de ruelles, de nuages, pouahhhh alors qu’il m’a comme charmant modèle, qui travaille pour rien ou presque, un peu de bouffe à chat, du poulet et des croquettes…donc cher serviteur, qui se croit mon maître, mets des photos de ma jolie personne sur ton blog photo, et demain reblogue le sur ton autre…ouais je ne porte pas de bottes, mais les gens adorent le chat que je suis, donc, serviteur humain, allez, mes photos dans cet article…’

Pinceau is pressing me hard to show some pic of I will let him talk to you, translated for cat to english, at least to my best knowledge of it…’No but what is this non sense he pretend, my servitor who thinks he own me…., just showing stupid pics of trees, overpass, poles, signs, sometimes skies, no interest at all, especially when he has at his disposition a good model like me, look at these pics I am an AWESOME CAT!!! so move your ….servitor, and post some photos of my beautiful prestance as your model working for next to nothing, some cat food, treats, not often enough and ok at least he does let me eat some of the chicken is buying for himself…so show those pics and reblog them towmorrow on this other site, I don’t wear boots, but peoples love me!…’

Bon de retour, et je crois que je dois faire ce qu’il demande…il a l’air vraiment féroce..:)

Well I am back, and I think I must obey, he does look very ferocious…:)

DSC_0744-R DSC_0745-R DSC_0746-R DSC_0747-R DSC_0748-R

3 thoughts on “Au tour du chat…My cat turn…

    • Hello Resa, yes things are going okay, not very inclined to paint, photograph or art and posting in general…busy starting my business, my project is accepted! but lot of work to do and I my mind isn’t into art these days…months…:). But at least I did start another life model session, although I will have to miss this week, probably got a new contract for teaching Autocad and exceptionally this week I will have to work Friday morning…hopefully I will find the way, the time and the will to get back here soon…I renewed my subscription to this blog, so I guess it is a good sign…

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