La 3e…the third…

Art et Technique / Art and technics

Enfin les premières poses, 1 et 3 minutes…la séance du 9 octobre…

At least the first sketches of the third session this fall, on October 9 th, the 1 and 3 minutes poses…

ESQ-2015-10-09-1 MIN-01-R ESQ-2015-10-09-1 MIN-01-R

ESQ-2015-10-09-1 MIN-02-R ESQ-2015-10-09-1 MIN-02-R

ESQ-2015-10-09-1 MIN-03-R ESQ-2015-10-09-1 MIN-03-R

ESQ-2015-10-09-3 MIN-04-R ESQ-2015-10-09-3 MIN-04-R

ESQ-2015-10-09-3 MIN-05-R ESQ-2015-10-09-3 MIN-05-R

ESQ-2015-10-09-3 MIN-06-R ESQ-2015-10-09-3 MIN-06-R

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