Fin..the end

Non pas la fin du monde ou de la civilisation, enfin pas encore, plutôt quelque chose de moins important, sauf peut-être pour moi…..fin d’une longue absence….beaucoup de photos qui traîne dans l’ordinateur, celle ci quoique un peu trop ordinaire à mon goût, illustrait bien le but de l’article, mais je me suis dit qu’un peu d’expérimentation avec ¨Photoshop changerait le look….

Of course for my English speaking readers, you probably know that FIN means END, not like the end of the world, at least not yet or end of civilization, more like the end of something of a much less importance to you, except for me…it’s been way too long that I left this blog alone, time to try a come back, another one…hopefully it will be for good this time, lots of pics on my computer, could not decide which one, until I saw this one, not a particularly good one, but the word meant something for this post title, but still the pic look ‘drable’, so a bit of Photoshop to make something else with it…

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