Bienvenue sur ma page ou blogue photo, comme vous pouvez le constater, il y a des sections photos de rues, principalement Montréal, mon lieu de résidence actuel, pendant des années je n’ai pas fait beaucoup de photos, autres que celles de mes toiles, donc peintre aussi…non pas en bâtiment…mais plutôt de paysages….modiques, inspirées de la mode, de jolies femmes et certains le remarqueront peut-être de bottes….voir mon autre site BIENVENUE SUR MA PAGE DE PEINTURE, donc depuis peu, mars 2015, je m’y suis remis, il y a aussi des photos d’intérieurs et autres essais, vous noterez que mes sujets de photos diffèrent passablement de mes sujets de peinture…je n’ose pas photographier ou demander à quelqu’un sur la rue, je peux?..:)

Dans une période antérieure, il y avait des appareils et des films dans ce temps là, je photographiais passablement, et j’ai eu la chance, de travailler sur des sites météorologiques dans l’Arctique canadien, donc vous pouvez voir plusieurs des photos de cette époque et de ces paysages fabuleux, ainsi que de Winnipeg et quelques endroits dans les Prairies, mon lieu de résidence pendant 4 ans, et aussi un bon nombre de photos, prises lors d’une année sabbatique passée à voyager en Europe de l’ouest.

You probably already figure out that english is not my mother or father language, french is…like many people living here in Montréal, Québec…ok what about me?

Mainly I am taking pictures….as you can see on this site, mainly street scenes, some interiors and when I had the chance to go some unusual place like the Arctic, for work and also enjoying those fabulous landscapes; or went for a year across western Europe, without forgetting years lived in Winnipeg, of course my camera wasn’t far…so this site is mainly about those photos.

I used to take a lot of pictures then, and stop for many years, just got back to it in March, 2015, so for a long period I did not considered myself ‘a photographer’…:), except for photographying my art work, yes, I paint, draw, mainly oil and pastels, but sometimes acrylics and others, occasionnaly mixed together..my inspirations? Mainly fashion and women, and more than often fashion top models wearing boots…almost like a signature for me…for more on that please visit WELCOME TO MY PAINTING PAGE, of course my photos subjetct differ quite a bit from the ones I draw or paint..I guess I am too shy as a photographer…:)

Of course I do have to work, to pay for materials, shelter, food and other fun things that make a life…more to  come, this site is still too leanier compare to my others sites..I will attempt to correct that, in the meantime I will post links to my sites, they are in french, but you  could speak swazili and still look to the photos..and google translation, I use it, but not for english, maybe I should, anyway google do a fairly good job at translating french to english…

35 thoughts on “About…me

  1. Good morning – thank you for stopping-by my blog this morning…and for letting me know you were there.

    I have enjoyed looking through your blog…very nice paintings. 🙂

  2. Hi there, just want to say, that I like your painting style 🙂
    I don’t know French, so I hope you’ll keep this blog up to date with your paintings 🙂

    • Hello, thanks for appreciating, I’ve started my ‘english version’ blog later than the one in french, but every time I do update them at the same time, I do prefer my ‘broken english’ instead of the google translator, which is okay but is often ‘funny’ in its translation…:), I have also a site on jmr-art.com, it is the most complete of my sites, but weebly does not offer a very large audience for bloggers…so I do keep both sites on wordpress very up to date, Salutations


      • Oh, the google translator is awful, I’d much rather read “broken” English than google translated English!
        I’ll be looking forward to following your work 🙂
        Best wishes from Denmark 🙂

      • Thanks, best wishes from Montréal too, spent a few weeks much too long time ago in Denmark, around and in Copenhagen, beautiful country and city, I do have some very good ‘souvenirs’.

  3. Oh, you’ve been to Denmark, how nice! I live in Copenhagen, it’s a lovely place 🙂
    I’ve never been to Montréal, or Canado, or North America at all, I would love to though. It’s on my bucket list! 🙂

    • Montréal is a nice city, set on an island, a mountain, not a big one….but Danemark too have not too big mountains…:), in its center, it is different from others North American cities, although I did travelled more in Europe than here…of course here you have almost two cities, the eastern part speaks mainly french, the ‘west Island’, french people even call it this way, is predominantly english speaking, I lived a few year in western Canada, that’s were I did pick up english, as for me I do like this dual identity of Montreal, and in the recent years there’s been also lot of immigration, so the city has become very cospmopolitain…so keep it on your bucklet list…:)

      I would like to return to a few places in Europe, I went once but for a whole year, I did have a nice stay in Copenhagen, I also spent a few days in Aahrus and Aalborg…hope I got the name about right….more than twenty years later I’m still dreaming about some of these places….well I will stop here, sometimes seems I cannot stop…:))

    • Thanks Pia, I will look into it, maybe not right now but soon, like tomorrow or next…:) thanks again for the ‘coup de pouce’, can’t think about a translation for this expression in english…so thanks for helping.

    • Thanks! I will try…but I do not have a stellar record answering these awards…:), maybe I will try something to thanks all the nice people who nominate me…..it will be some kind of thanks to all! Thanks again, I did enjoyed reading your answers…:)

    • It is never too late to start again…but I know it is easier to say than to do it…for years I told myself that I should take german and spanish lessons, I do have a bit of knowledge of both but not enough for it to be useful…I guess I could also try to learn more of english, read more authors…but seems time is always to short or I’m just a bit lazy…:)

      I read your post, I’ve enjoyed it, sorry for the delay in coming back to you…:)

    • Merci! au début je voulais faire les deux distincts, anglais et français, finalement j’avais deux blogues bilingues..:) et maintenant ils sont encore plus bilingues…photo et peinture…:). Beau site, il y a des similitudes dans nos ‘cheminements de carrière’..:)

  4. I would like permission to use some photos from Flin Flon, Manitoba in a nonprofit, documentary on copper mining. This is for an Arizona-based nonprofit journalism center. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!

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