Two for one, happy hour…

Not many posting over the last days, since tuesday, but this time my brushes, and you can guess me as well, were busy, working on Noëlle, I guess in english the play word with Noëlle and Noël (Christmas) doesn’t work, so if you understand french read it, or not, not to important…:) So, this acrylic painting is finished, signed….so a few versions, stretching from last tuesday to tonight sunday, for an acrylic, I’m pleased, of course could have been better…but I think it is more than ok….also the pastel is finished, did not reworked it, seems that in pastel, I don’t have to much trouble, leaving a painting a bit unfinished, not the same story for painting, especially oil…so here’s the last few versions, of course, some will probably think that one of these version was better…or not, to you to be the judge…:)

Peu de mots depuis les derniers jours, comme lors des dernières semaines, mais au moins mes pinceaux, et forcément moi, ont été actifs…Noëlle est terminée, signée, Noëlle en juin….depuis mardi que je tentais de le terminer, un des avantages de l’acrylique…pas besoin de laisser reposer trop longtemps…et pour un tableau acrylique, je crois qu’il est pas mal…à vous d’en juger…le pastel aussi est terminé, j’ai moins de difficulté à arrêter un pastel, même si parfois il ne me semble pas tout-à-fait fini, l’acrylique et l’huile surtout, c’est une histoire différente…probablement que certains trouveront certaines versions meilleures que la finale…ou non….

418-18 Noelle en rouge et noir, acrylique, 30×24 po, 76×61 cm, 2012-06-17

Le diaporama

et le pastel

Another day, and pastel for breakfast…

Continué en me levant, un café dans une main et pastel dans l’autre, ok pas tout-à-fait, ce serait diffile mais c’est pour imager….ça allait bien….et ça va toujours bien….:), tant que je m’en tiens au pastel et à la peinture, ça va bien…je devrais m’enfermer dans mon atelier…là il fait toujours bon…

Kept working, right getting up from bed, coffee in one hand, my beloved pastels in the other, ok not exactly this way…a figure of speach so to say….it went good, actually still good…sometimes I feel I should stay in my atelier, never get out…it is always good in my atelier, can’t say that much when I’m stepping out…:))

Part 4 – Acrylic to pastel…end of the day

Well I was started, so why not keep going on, often I will do the same photo, in oil, pastel or acrylic, but usually there is a few years in between…never did it at the same time…was curious to see both interpretation, of course quite different developping side by side…but first I should show the recropped photo, suited for the paper size, another thing I was looking for a light colored paper to go with the background, did have only brown or dark blue, went for the brown paper…

Noelle Roques...pour un pastel

and the first two stages of this pastel

Noelle en rouge et noir 2

Noelle en rouge et noir un peu plus tard

And this was the end of this upside down day….reworked both, pastel and acrylic today, and reworked or restirred, unwillingly those things that somehow come ‘en travers’ of my art….don’t know why sometimes, things that should be so easy goes so wrong….well at least I do have painting and pastel…:)), so tomorrow I will show the ‘suite’ of these two works of art, but without the details of those things that we just don’t know why they do happen…

Maybe you asked yourself why a black line at the top…my printer went along with the day, not printing correctly the pic, and it was my last sheet of paper….so had to make myself a ‘benchmark’ …it won’t be in the final version…:)) oops :))) I can laugh as louder in french and english..:)

A tough day…part 2

Took a break, a small, actually a rather long one, working with photoshop, my best friend, okay I should be sketching more, but I found this is quicker…normally all composition problem should be delt with here, but either I don’t plan as much as I should, or I just can’t keep myself from interpretating, it is rarely the case…Anyway back to the model for this next painting…, did like the model’s photo, but I decided I wanted a different composition, focusing just on her legs, boots of course and the red drape….

Noelle Roques

La photo recomposé…the photo recomposed or photoshopé…:)

Noelle Roques rouge et noir 1

So finally that would be the next work of art….but oil, or acrylic, or pastel…and as I said I was quite restless yesterday, pacing the length of my studio appartment, time and time again, going out to take some fresh air and back inside just to get back outside…forth and forth…:)), I guess you cannot wait for part 3….I should do like those film producers and putting a trailer…:)))