416 – Model with ankle boots…finished and making of video

Since you probably noticed there was a new pastel in progress, of course that meant that one was  finished, yeah that model wearing white ankle boots is going to rejoin the 2012 collection, I though, briefly, very briefly of adding touches here and there, but it was more likely for me to lose than to gain something ….so here’s the finished version and a short silent video…

416-18 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-07-20

416 a video by JMR-ART on Flickr.

White ankle boots..finished?

The last two versions of this model pastel, the one wearing or more like flagging her beautiful white ankle boots, of course this a pastel, an image ot the pastel, so you have to imagine the movement….of course, maybe I should make 10 ot that one with slighty different pose..good idea but no time now for that…I would have to be retired and drawing and painting all day and night long…ah dreaming….I think it is finished, it will be confirmed after it made the honour tour of my atelier, and then, it should rejoin the others pastels and painting, waiting the day I do decide finally to expose at home my works…probably end september, early october…if you come to Montréal….

Pastel de ce modèle portant, à vrai dire les agitant comme des drapeaux, ses jolis bottillons blancs, bien sûr à défaut d’animation, l’agitation est pas bien visible…:), évidemment je pourrais faire une dizaine de pastels de ce modèle avec la pose qui change un peu, en les regardant à la suite, ou en les feuilletant rapidement, on verrait le mouvement…:) bonne idée…si j’étais à la retraite et pouvait me permettre de dessiner ou peindre tous les jours, toutes les nuits…ah un rêve..en attendant, voici les deux dernières versions, et je crois qu’il est bien terminé ce pastel, mais comme c’est l’habitude chez moi, il fera un dernier tour de piste, ou de l’atelier, la piste est imaginaire…et dans quelques semaines devrait aller rejoindre la pile des pastels terminés attendant la prochaine exposition, que je prévois chez moi fin septembre, début octobre….à confirmer bien sûr….si vous passez par Montréal dans cette période…

416-17 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-07-20

416-18 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-07-20

Coming from behind mode….

Soon I will be up to date on all of my sites…one day…..and also maybe I will start again painting and drawing like I should be, and leave behind this bad stretch of ‘moods’….so here’s the latest versions of this pastel, I could elaborate on these reasons I’m not ‘there’ very much these days…I would have to started a new blog for these, a more personnal one…like a journal, but a journal to me is kind of personnal…so….

416-13 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-05-06

416-14 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-05-07


I don’t quite know why or how, but these days, weeks actually…like last week end, I do have difficulty to get working…I mean painting, seems that all kinds of things, some good, many bads, keep me away from the easel, the will to paint or draw is not as strong as usual…I know some ‘external factors’ polite words for somebody else who …well I’m not going to elaborate on that, anyhow, external things or myself are not helping the production…but these are often the times, that I do remember how I do love working pastel….don’t know why sometimes we do forget some of these things that are so dear to us…so over last week-end, between moments of doldrum, I did worked on this pastel, this model and her white ankle boots…here’s a version, already 4 days old…other are on deck….later, not tonight, later like tomorrow or over the week…and also, a painting that I did reworked last night…

416-12 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-05-05

Pastel…for a quick exit…

When I can’t stop myself going in circles in my appartment, not sure that it does translate well in englis…touner en rond…anyway you probably get the general idea…well for these times, when I don’t know if I should set up to work on an oil painting, or trying again something in acrylic, and just can’t decide to start, well more than often, my pastels offered me a way out, and hopefully forward..so that model with white boots…yes I know there is a few of those ones…but you will see which one I’m talking about…so the previous and latest version…

416-10 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-04-08

416-11 Inconnue aux bottillons blancs pastel 19,5×25,5 po 2012-05-02