Tough get going these days….

I’m kind in a rot these days….not much into painting, drawing or blogging as a matter of fact, time to get my a… the coach, oops just realised sofa is couch in english…should have looked to google translater…, stopping to be a potato…so here’s a few pic of the october 12 th life drawing session, yes I’m two weeks late now…so as soon as I can move this body part, you know where the back is not anymore your back…then I should be able to post more things, other sketches, pastels, paintings and so on…

Pas la tête à peindre, dessiner ou blogger….bon temps de se grouiller le c…..donc voici une autre partie de l’atelier du 12 octobre, maintenant en retard de deux…ça viendra…aussi un peu de pastel, cela aussi prochainement…aussitôt que je me serai enfin grouillé le c…., savez où le dos perd son nom….

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