Une autre photo du stade olympique, avec son architecture toute en courbes, il offre de nombreuses vues en perspective fuyantes, il ne me reste qu’à essayer d’en trouver une qui fait un beau cliché…

Another  pic of the Olympic Stadium, with its full of curves architecture, it does offer a lot of vanishing perspectives, so I guess it is my job to try to get one that make an interesting image…


Parc Olympique, 2015-08-31, DSC_6085-R

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2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Very effective composition. 🙂

    Heard something that may bring a smile. My wife was talking with our local MP, a member of the NDP. Last election they had 700 signs. This time they were ready with 1000. They may need more because of the demand. On a federal level this riding has been Liberal a long time. It was Lester Pearson’s Northern Ontario riding.

    Our MPP is also NDP. This was a shift from long standing Conservative riding. Times change.

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