Images de pilote…virtuel A photo diary of a pilot…a virtual one

Quand on manque de temps, et que je n’ai pas vraiment envie de fouiller dans mes innombrables images de poteaux, panneaux de signalisations, ou de nettoyer de vieux négatifs poussiéreux, eh bien une image de simulation de vol, ici c’est Aerofly 2, quelque part au-dessus du Vermont, enfin Nord est américain, vais regarder la prochaine la localisation exacte..

When we are short on time, and I do not fancy at all browsing through images that seems so good when I took them, many of street signs , posts and other urban object, or try to remove too many dust specs on pictures made from old negs or slides, well maybe some screenshot taken when I fly a plane, virtual plane, much safer for me and people below not expecting a crashing plane in their backyard, very good to animate a bbq but a bit frightening…this one taken over North eastern america, Vermont probably, should have check the map…

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