No, not two days in a row…

without publishing something…two days without showing anything, you might start thinking, that I quit painting…:)

Still much work, not fun work, not painting, and of course sometimes, I do have to wash the dishes, instead of throwing it away…and even go to the supermarket, so fun on a tuesday night…..finally did something publishing a page for the new pastell see 417 Alicia S also on the in progress page…later I finally came to painting, I was feeling tire, and sometimes in these conditions I don’t know what to expect, it can be good, bad, very quiet session or bold, too bold, so I though that working on the two cindys Crawford was the perfect painting, don’t know yet which direction it will take, so whatever happened, I will go along with it, so a short bold session…the result…

415-10 Cindy Crawford double... Acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x70 cm 2012-04-03

If you want to look to the previous versions go to this painting page, by going to the in Progress page

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