Repairs and Sophie…

Reworked this model face, whose nose and lips became almost gigantic or gargantuestic….I really don’t know if there is a translation for that, I guess you got the picture…that’s the whole problem with those steps back or sideway, sidetrack…you need two to correct the one…one to get rid of these mistakes and another to try to get it right…why right is good and left, I suppose bad…if I look to our government here in Canada…at least to me it is not right, ok back to painting…so here’s where it stands now….hopefully the next time I will work on it will be the end….

400-35, Huile sur acrylique, 20x28 po (50x70 cm), Modèle pensive ou souriante?

And, it was time to move my mind to something else, what’s better than another painting….and Sophie Marceau, in fact the painting of her, I doubt very much she would ever set foot and her boots in my ‘atelier’…oh I can daydream…ok back to painting, my mind seems to be wandering a lot today…so a few little, careful steps…yes back with walking, forward this time, I think…therefore I am…ok stop disgressing, and come with it, in fact this painting is close, very close to get signed, in fact I could almost do it right now, back to right, good and …ok here’s the picture, will see tomorrow or later about signing it…but I try to never sign a painting late at night…can’t see ‘well’ anymore…:)

379-42 Sophie Marceau, Huile sur acrylique, 24x30(61x76), 2012-04-13

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