A tough day…but okay in the end…part I…

Yes it was a long hard day, went from oil to acrylic to pastel and photoshop, not counting that sometimes things happening in you life that upset you…won’t get into the details…it just to point out that I was, still am a little bit in a certain state of mind…no so relaxing…:)))

Started on this Sophie Marceau painting, thought it was over or very minor retouches…wrong….kind of went bizark…I found that it was good but seems to me ‘lifeless’, so decided to add some punch to it…went maybe a bit too far, not that it is completely changed, but changed enough that it still need some rework…so it is not so near to be signed that I though it was last night…

The photo, maybe I’m too much of a perfectionnist, yes….too much? I don’t know…

379-43 Sophie Marceau Huile 24x30(61x76) 2012-04-14

So this is the first part of this saturday…it was still early then, a few more things to come, but now it is getting late, very late, so the rest will come tomorrow or later…:)

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